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Going Beyond Seed to Sale Tracking

To help ensure regulatory compliance, safety and overall public health, states that have approved medical and recreational marijuana sales and use are leveraging technology as part of the solution. Most states have a rudimentary system in place (e.g. METRC) that collects the minimum data that is reported back to the state for basic compliance. For seasoned growers and professional operators, the solution doesn’t stop here. There is a more complete, faster, and intelligent layer of technology that is being used to support cannabis businesses across the value chain.

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Attorney General Reverses Federal Marijuana Position

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded the Obama-era position of the Federal government to not intervene in states that have legalized marijuana. Whether this ends up being a major, minor, or non-issue remains to be seen. This does, however, further encourage individual states and the owners/operators of canna-businesses to focus on compliance.

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Cultivators need more than just a seed-to-sale tracking software...

There's been a lot of talk recently about cannabis seed-to-sale trackingAs a key requirement in cannabis regulatory models, seed-to-sale tracking refers to the process of tracking plants and their by-products from initial planting through the plant's sale. Track and trace is another term used for this process, but refers to the tracking within one link of the cannabis supply chain (for example, a cultivation facility). However, cultivators also tend to implement seed-to-sale tracking software to gain visibility to their operation.

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