We at Flourish believe not all systems are alike and that as a business owner, you’ll need multiple systems to manage your business as accurately and efficiently as possible. That is why Flourish is an open platform and one of our top priorities is expanding our integrations with compliance software, finance programs, distribution management platforms, CRM and other business systems.

The Flourish application is the hub of your cannabis business operation, but we want to help you collect and process more data and open your distribution channels to sell your product to as many sources as possible.

Our live integrations include:

Cannabis Integration METRC FlourishMost comprehensive data integration for the states of AL, CA, CO, D.C., MD, MI, MN, NV, OH, OR

Cannabis Integration Leaflink Flourish-1Streamline the ordering process and simplify communication

Cannabis Integration Flourish QuickbooksIntegration to streamline finances and order management