We at Flourish believe not all systems are alike and that as a business owner, you’ll need to multiple systems to manage your business as accurately and efficiently as possible.  That is why Flourish is an open platform that is happy to integrate with other compliance, distribution, CRM and other business systems.

The Flourish application is the hub of your cannabis business operation, but we want to help you collect and process more data and open your distribution channels to sell your product to as many sources as possible.

Here are the integrations that are currently live or in progress:


Cannabis Integration METRC FlourishMost comprehensive data integration for the states of AL, CA, CO, OR, D.C, MD, MI, MN, NV, OH, OR

Cannabis Integration Biotrack Flourish* Coming soon* Seamless data integration for the states of DE, HI, IL, NM, NY

Sales and Marketing

Cannabis Integration Flourish Woocommerce

Automatically sync customer and order data from WooCommerce into Flourish

Cannabis Integration Leaflink Flourish-1

Streamline the ordering process and simplify communication

Cannabis Integration Flourish Hubspot

* Coming soon* Manage marketing, sales, and all your customers

Cannabis Integration Flourish Salesforce

* Coming soon* Sync Flourish with Salesforce for a fast, reliable, and powerful integration between your two databases

Operations and Finance

Cannabis Integration Flourish Quickbooks

Integration to streamline finances and order management 

Cannabis Integration Flourish Power BI

* Coming soon*  View and share customized reports, dashboards, and charts with Flourish data and merged data from other business services

Arteco_sqaureComplete control over the most important technologies for compliance in the cannabis market: video security, seed-to-sale tracking and inventory package movement/storage. 

c15 logo_verticalCannabisOneFive offers a cloud-based quality management and document control system which has been adopted globally by over 70% of the top Pharmaceutical companies.


Cultivation Management

Cannabis Integration Flourish Argus

* Coming soon* Control your equipment, manage your grow data, and set alerts 

Cannabis Integration Flourish Link4

* Coming soon* Control your equipment, manage your grow data, and set alerts 

Point of Sale



Payment solutions for the cannabis industry



Debit payment app for cannabis retailers