Flourish Software Release Notes - 2019

Here's a partial summary of some of the high level modules, features and enhancements we've made just since the beginning of the year.

The biggest news for Flourish this year is that we have successfully launched two major modules during the first quarter of 2019.  Our Retail Point of Sale system is now live and operating in more than 30 store and non-storefront retail locations in the state of Florida. We are very excited to now offer this final software piece in the cannabis supply chain. Our Manufacturing module was the other major feature upgrade that occurred earlier this year.   

Features, Updates, and Enhancements from Q1 2019

grow button

  • Create a new group of clone cuttings from the plant tag of an individual mother or vegetative plan for improved traceability and to satisfy METRC requirements 
  • Global Plant/Group search on the main Grow Overview tab 

man button-1

  • New Manufacturing Module specifically for extraction and processing runs, which allows users to select a Machine and a Run Type for each transaction. 
  • Save a Run without having to complete it for processes that happen over time 
  • Viewing "All Runs" in the Manufacturing module with filtering. This data helps provide important yield analytics. 
  • Use or create multiple inputs and outputs that are non-cannabis (reclaimed solvents, terpenes, etc.) 
  • Input or create multiple cannabis inputs and outputs 

inventory button

  • New global search box available in the Inventory, Inbound and Outbound modules as well as in the Item Master under Manage Settings 
  • Creating Packages screen now lets users search for an Item Name as well as the Package ID when selecting the new or source packages 
  • Improvements for distributor management for Sales Orders 
  • Users can now display CBD or THC Dominance in the UI when editing an inventory item. 
  • A user can now export the results of physical Inventory count to PDF after review 
  • Enhancements for Sales Orders also include updates to the Packing List/Invoice and the ability to add multiple notes to an order  
  • Print label option after a Purchase Order has been received, streamlining receiving workflows 
  • Compliance updates to the Shipment Manifest (specifically for California customers) 

Retail button

  • Flourish Retail POS launched in March 2019 
  • Complete Patient/Customer Management  
  • Flourish Inventory and Inbound controls items and products available to sell in the POS 
  • Comprehensive and customization discounting module 
  • Support for Customer groups and both Rec and Med sales 
  • Robust CRM for customer management and order history 

See Any Features You Like?

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