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End to end tracking, inbound/outbound order management, and lot track 



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Our software was built specifically for cannabis and hemp growers by working closely with cannabis and hemp growers.  Flourish is excited to service the Hemp and CBD industries to support the exciting growth ahead. Flourish makes it easy to track all of your hemp by area, location, farm, field, acre, or however your track your crops.  We provide full visibility into your entire operation, including post harvest processing and outbound sales orders.


track plants

Track hemp harvests from plants to harvested packages

  • Manage activity and track the current stage of each crop
  • Document genetic performance and ancestry 
  • Visually see how many plants you have by your designated areas
  • Use our mobile app to perform actions on the farm, away from your computer
track inventory-03.png

Track and sell all inventory

  • Record and tag harvested weights in bulk
  • Upload and manage certificates of analysis (COAs)
  • Track revenue by harvest, strain, and finished good
  • Leverage all of our distribution capabilities to manage inventory and sales orders
custom reports-04.png

Customizable reporting 

  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Monitoring alerts can be setup for both hemp/cbd and non hemp/cbd inventory levels 
  • Purchasing reports
  • Harvest revenue reports
  • Complete ancestry and decedent tracking


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