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Flourish Software to launch the MainStem Cannabis Supply Marketplace

Jeffrey Wright


Flourish Software to launch the MainStem Cannabis Supply Marketplace

Flourish offers software to Cultivators, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers.

ATLANTA – Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – Flourish Software announced today they are partnering with MainStem, a web-based ancillary business supply distribution company in the cannabis industry, to provide customers access to business supplies at wholesale prices through the MainStem Marketplace.  The MainStem Marketplace can be accessed directly within the Flourish Software platform and features MainStem's product catalogue of over 10,000 ancillary products such as product packaging, retail accessories, grow supplies, traceability equipment, and much more from a wide selection of popular industry suppliers.  Access to the Marketplace is now included in Flourish's enterprise software at no additional cost to customers.


“We are excited to bring a value-add service into our technology suite,” said Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software.  “We love the idea of giving our clients more features and benefits from with inside of our technology platform.  Flourish already controls the purchasing and inventory management of non-cannabis inventory.  It makes perfect sense that we would partner with MainStem to streamline the purchasing process and procurement needs for all non-cannabis products for our clients.”


The Marketplace manages payment processing, order fulfillment, order status, and customer service, and is directly supported and operated by MainStem's team of dedicated account managers.  Flourish’s Marketplace customers not only experience the same one-stop shopping convenience, but can also compare pricing and managing orders to multiple locations with individualized tracking of each order.  By ordering business supplies in large quantities on behalf of Flourish’s entire user base, MainStem is able to purchase those supplies at volume discounts and then pass those savings on to Flourish’s Marketplace participants.


"In the cannabis industry, seed to sale software's are the technological backbone that help these businesses thrive. For that reason we really vet out potential software partners to make sure the MainStem Marketplace will be valuable to the people actually using it. After visiting an Oregon based edibles company in person, and seeing how they were using Flourish to track the costs of their products, we knew they would be a great fit for the MainStem Marketplace," said Liam Sweeney, MainStem Director of Business Development.

About Flourish Software
Flourish Software is a leading technology provider of enterprise supply chain and inventory management systems built for the cannabis industry.  Flourish currently serves cultivators, manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Flourish is integrated with state compliance systems so cannabis operators remain compliant while they capture critical business data, operate more efficiently, track product from seed to sale, manage operations, and leverage advanced analytics.  

About MainStem
MainStem, a technology-based ancillary e-commerce supply company in the regulated cannabis industry, is the leading comprehensive marketplace in the industry, with hundreds of suppliers and over 10,000 products. The company integrates its platform into popular industry software to maximize its customer reach and simplify the procurement process.

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