Flourish Onfleet Integration

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onfleet integration

Just one of the many integrations that Flourish supports

Here's how the Flourish + OnFleet integration works: 

Currently this integration is supported using an integration tool called Zapier. This is a very easy method to connect Flourish to OnFleet using a Zapier "Zap" on top of Flourish's API. Flourish plans to migrate this to a "native" integration in coming months. 

Why use OnFleet? 

  • Plan routes to find the optimal path while maximizing fuel efficiency and working within time constraints
  • Driver tracking to understand where your fleet is
  • Messaging and delivery alerts to keep your customers up to date

Already a Flourish user? Here's how to enable OnFleet within Flourish:

1. Sign-Up: Create an account with Zapier and OnFleet

2. Connect Flourish: Follow our guide on generating an API key and setting up Zapier

3. Map and Integrate: Use our B2B or Retail order API Zaps to send orders to OnFleet

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