Finally, POS that runs your entire cannabis business.

Get the right tools to efficiently maximize your sales. 








No one does POS like we do.

✔ Easy-to-use software 

✔ Robust Inventory management

✔ Security to ensure your customers' data is protected

✔ Accept multiple payments

✔ Real-time business insights

✔ Cross-channel functionality 


We understand that not everyone has the same needs. Tell us what you sell, we'll tell you how we help. 


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Use any device

We're flexible

PC? Check. Mac? Check. iPad? Check. You can access POS wherever, whenever. It's your business. We believe you should be able to run it your way. 


Get going fast

Time is valuable

We know you have a million things to take care of. That's why our POS operates swiftly. It's pretty straightforward: accomplish it all without wasting time.


Ring up sales


Effortlessly sell, manage, report, and grow your business. Flourish is easy, powerful, and extremely efficient. Perfect for businesses and operations like yours. 

POS made specifically for cannabis.



Simplified Work Flows

  • Improve efficiency and gain visibility into your inventory
  • Proper tracking of LOTs, UIDs and FIFO Packaged inventory
  • No complex solutions, we won't disrupt your groove

Advanced Reporting

  • Identify your best selling items and categories
  • Show costs and margins to measure the effectiveness of your pricing
  • On-screen reports and charts for easy-to-grasp snapshot views

Robust Discounting and Promos

  • Handle any and all promos - 420, 710, "Shatterday"
  • Automatically apply discounts based on custom customer types
  • Program in auto discounts based on product category or distribute promo codes
  • Line item or Order total discounts

Flourish-Friendly Support

  • We'll assist with the on-boarding for free, of course
  • Demos, videos, anything you need to get the ball rolling
  • Unlimited 24/7 support. And it's free, but you knew that