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Product Features

inventory audit




Embedded Inventory Audit Reports 

  • Enter date range, item name and get a running ledger
  • Search, sort, and filter by any of the columns
manufacturing input


Enter Manufacturing Inputs for each step in the extraction process

  • Enter processing duration, temperature, pressure, and equipment code for every time a package is created
  • Lot track packages to build custom reports using any of the inputs for increased visibility
Package Ancestry


Track package ancestry for all products

  • See the product history/source batches for all packages
  • Search by selecting/scanning the package or entering package ID
Package Descendants

See descendants for each package 

  • Know what all products the package was used in
  • Search by selecting/scanning the package or entering package ID
Enterprise Order Management


Enterprise Order Management

  • Create customer profiles and track them
  • Assign inventory to customers and keep track of purchase history
  • Search using various fields
SKU Variations-1



Create Item Variations for all your products

  • Package Sizes
  • Product Strengths
  • Seasonal Packaging
Cannabis Order Management


Online Order Management

Do your customers order online? Let’s automatically send those orders to Flourish to assign inventory to fulfill them.

origin harvest.png


Cannabis Ancestry Tracking

Flourish retains the package ancestry for all inventory created. We can easily tie production yields to original source packages for complete visibility and also trace recalled products back to the original source batch of flower or oil. 


Enhanced Receiving Module


Enhanced Receiving module for Cannabis Products

Flourish tracks testing results, original harvest date and other notes of source material brought into your facility.


Cannabis Integration Leaflink Flourish-1

Streamline the ordering process and simplify communication

Cannabis Integration Flourish Quickbooks

Integration to streamline finances and order management 




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