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Warehousing and distribution management that delivers results.

At Flourish, we understand the unique challenges faced by cannabis distributors. That's why we've developed a comprehensive inventory, compliance, and supply chain management software specifically tailored to meet your needs. With our robust features and intuitive interface, you can take control of your warehousing and distribution processes to deliver exceptional results.

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Effortlessly manage inventory across multiple sites.

Stay fully compliant without separately checking cannabis distributor track and trace software.

Forecast yields and costs with comprehensive reports and analytics.

Perfect Order Index metrics for better order fulfillment.

Flourish allows you to manage all sales orders and transfers efficiently, providing you with complete visibility and control. Track sales reps, enable order approvals, add custom notes, and streamline multiple fulfillment workflows—all within Flourish. By flawlessly fulfilling orders with precision, timeliness, and consistent quality, you can attain and maintain an outstanding perfect order index.


Efficiency boost with mobile scanning capabilities.

We recognize that operational efficiencies are crucial in a warehouse environment. That's why Flourish offers a powerful mobile scanning solution. Utilize our Android-based Mobile App on your devices or pair it with certified Zebra hardware to experience the full potential. From inventory counting to order fulfillment, our mobile scanning app empowers your team to work smarter and faster.

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Fuel growth with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Make informed decisions and drive your business forward with Flourish's reporting and analytics capabilities. Our seed to sale distributor ERP provides real-time visibility and integrates seamlessly with industry-leading platforms, ensuring data alignment across your entire supply chain. Delight your team with automated reports on weekly and monthly sales, as well as order fulfillment rates. Additionally, Flourish offers intuitive dashboards for instant insights. Should you require offline analysis, easily export your data to Excel for further exploration.


You're in good company.

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