Inbound Module for Purchasing & Receiving

The Inbound Module in Flourish Software is essential for simplifying the cannabis procurement process into your facility. It sets the stage for comprehensive inventory tracking from receipt onward, accommodating both cannabis and non-cannabis items.

The Advantages of Our Inbound Module For You

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Non-Cannabis Inventory Management

Facilitates management of non-cannabis inventory, supporting functions like quick receipt and detailed tracking.

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Effective Vendor Management

Streamlines the handling of vendors and is crucial for creating and managing inbound purchase orders necessary for receiving goods.
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Track and Trace Integrations

Integrated with METRC and BioTrack, streamlining compliance and inventory management by automating data synchronization and reducing manual workload.
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Chain of Custody (COC) Compliance

Begins COC management at inventory reception, essential for compliance and tracking; allows uploading of related documents to inbound purchase orders.

Simplify Purchasing

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Integrated Financial Management
  • Set Par Levels to Reorder
  • Dynamic Vendor and Item Creation
  • Top-Tier METRC Integration
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Purchase Order Management

  • Extensive Management Capabilities: Edit, customize, and report on Purchase Orders within Flourish to fully manage procurement. 
  • Integration Ready: Flourish provides full API coverage over POs and can support integrating to a procurement platform of choice, if one is in place.
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Integrated Financial Management

  • Standard versus Actual Costing: Set a standard cost on the item and easily report on the variance between what you buy.
  • Sync with QuickBooks Online (QBO): Easily sync Purchase Orders as bills to QuickBooks Online
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Set Par Levels to Reorder

  • Inventory Reorder Reports: Use Flourish's re-order reports to set par levels and maintain minimum stock on hand for supplies, raw materials, and sellable products. 
  • Clone POs: Easily clone and modify an existing purchase order to reorder inventory, saving valuable time and clicks.
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Dynamic Vendor and Item Creation

  • Item Setup at PO Creation: If permissions allow, easily set up items from the inbound screen to reduce navigation clicks and be more efficient. Includes vendor part numbers as a cross reference, designated default vendor, and backup vendors. 
  • Vendor Management: Import and update vendors via spreadsheet. Maintain critical data such as points of contact, license numbers, etc.

Top-Tier METRC Integration

  • Sync METRC Transfers: Sync all transfers into Flourish to easily search and report on what came into the Facility.
  • METRC & PO Alignment: Match transfers with Purchase Orders or auto-create a PO from a transfer if the PO isn't already set up.

Simplify Receiving

  • Automate the Receiving Workflow
  • Ensure Inventory Accuracy
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Audit and Document on Intake
  • Seamless Financial Integration
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Automate the Receiving Workflow

  • Streamlined Receiving Process: Automates converting received external items to internal inventory naming conventions, significantly speeding up the stocking process.
  • Workflow Options: Adopt scanning, default receiving areas, and auto-lock inventory to enhance accuracy, reduce clicks, and streamline the intake workflow.
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Ensure Inventory Accuracy

  • Intake validation: Clearly match receipts with authorized POs, convert UOMs, and flag discrepancies.
  • Default Area Upon Receiving: Automatically set a default storage location upon item receipt, reducing the number of clicks and streamlining the process.
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Reduce Data Entry

  • Enable Scan to Receive Packages: Scan package to receive against a purchase order, minimizing manual data entry and potential errors.
  • Auto Print Package Label Upon Receipt: Automatically print labels on receipt and "print all" with one click to ensure everything in the facility is accurately labeled.
  • Print Product Labels for Received Package Eaches: Print product labels for individual units within received packages, improving the labeling process for inventory management.
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Audit and Document on Intake

  • Audit Trail and Notes: Maintain a clear and reliable audit trails and utilize inbound notes to communicate internally on exceptions and status updates.
  • Upload Documentation: Easily upload and attach documentation for record keeping.
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Seamless Financial Integration

  • Integrate with Accounting Systems: Sync receipts with accounting systems like QuickBooks, to authorize and reconcile payment.
  • Reporting: Report on costing variances to see the standard versus actual purchase price. Use reference fields to further tailor the application to business needs. 

The 4-Way Match

Flourish enables operators to support a best-in-class 4-way match process for cannabis operators to align purchasing, receiving, and finance teams, which reduces the risk of fraud and mistakes.
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"Switching from Metrc to Flourish Software has transformed my cannabis business, especially the Inbound module. Its intuitive interface and efficient search capabilities contrast sharply with Metrc, allowing me to focus on growing my business without administrative hassles. Flourish isn't just a tool—it's a crucial part of our daily operations."

Andrew Dempsey, Owner
Green Trees Labs, LLC - Oklahoma

Key Partner Integrations for Inbound



Get Funded with Lendica

Lendica is a strategic funding platform integrated with the Flourish system, designed to enhance the financial agility of cannabis businesses. Through the Lendica Funding Toolkit, accessible directly from the Flourish dashboard, users can easily manage financing costs and scale operations effectively.


Uzio makes HR & Payroll Easy

Uzio offers enhanced payroll, HR, and compliance management, efficiently addressing the challenges of a diverse workforce and empowering cannabis operators with compliant, cost-effective, streamlined HR solutions.

Cannabis Integration Flourish Quickbooks-1


Balance Your Books with QBO

Flourish provides a seamless integration with QBO that empowers businesses with full financial oversight and efficient operation management. This integration, which can be easily set up by administrators, synchronizes transactional data and its associated master elements between QBO and Flourish.

Who Benefits from Our Inbound Module for Purchasing & Receiving?


With Flourish, cultivators can track the reception of seeds, clones, and other cultivation inputs efficiently. This management capability helps you monitor the plant lifecycle accurately from the beginning.

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With Flourish, manufacturers can log and manage raw materials as they enter your production environment, facilitating smoother transitions into manufacturing processes.

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Flourish's Inbound Module assists distributors with efficiently and accurately receiving finished goods inventory, which is crucial for maintaining an effective supply chain and sales operations.

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Compliance Managers

With Flourish, compliance managers can ensure regulatory compliance more effectively, as the Inbound Module automatically updates cannabis inventory control jobs, for records to align with state regulations upon receipt.

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Financial Officers

For financial officers utilizing Flourish, linking costs to incoming inventory batches simplifies financial tracking and cost management, improving the precision of financial reporting and analysis.

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Scale your seed-to-sale operations with Flourish.