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Native Compliance, Financial, and Sales + Open Integration Capabilities

Flourish is the leader when it comes to integrations for the cannabis and hemp industry. Not only do we have leading native integrations, listed below, but we've built a robust External API and Webhook Engine to support advanced integrations. We took that one step further and support a set of Zapier Zaps to help clients connect us to thousands of solutions in a low/no code, easy to do fashion. 

Compliance Highlights:

  • Full METRC Integration
  • Florida Patient MMUR Auto-Dispensation
  • State PMP Clearinghouse Reporting 


  • Native QuickBooks Online
  • 3rd Party Facilitated QuickBooks Desktop 


  • Native LeafLink integration
  • Inport/Export LeafTrade integration
  • Connections to WooCommerce, Shopify, and more via Zapier
  • Salesforce integration (custom)
  • Connections to CRMs like HubSpot and Zoho via Zapier


  • 1000s of apps via Zapier
  • CannabisOneFive for Quality Management (Pending)
  • CannVerify

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