Outbound Module for Order Management and Shipments

The Outbound Module in Flourish Software is designed for efficient order management, invoicing, shipments, and sales sales tracking. This module is crucial for accurately recording transactions, handling customer and sales representative data, and updating inventory by adjusting the relevant package quantities.

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The Advantages of Our Outbound Module For You

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Robust API Integrations

Integrates with various APIs, including a specialized External API for outbound orders that allows for advanced management and automation of outbound logistics processes.


Streamline Shipments through Metrc Integration

Uniquely integrates with METRC to facilitate the creation and management of compliant shipments and transfers directly within the system, ensuring seamless synchronization and efficient tracking of regulatory requirements.
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Track and Trace Integrations

Integrated with METRC and BioTrack, streamlining compliance and inventory management by automating data synchronization and reducing manual workload.
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Chain of Custody (COC) Compliance

 Ensure full traceability and compliance by maintaining a documented chain of custody for each product, from warehouse to customer, facilitating audit readiness and regulatory adherence.

Simplify Sales Management

  • Automated Sales Order Creation
  • Integrated Customer Management
  • Revenue Tracking and Analytics
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discounts
  • Multi-Channel Sales Integration
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Automated Sales Order Creation

  • Custom Order Templates: Quickly generate new orders using pre-defined templates.
  • Batch Order Processing: Handle multiple orders simultaneously to improve efficiency.
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Integrated Customer Management

  • Customer Profiles: Access detailed customer information directly from the sales order interface.
  • Order History Tracking: View past orders by customer to personalize sales strategies.
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Revenue Tracking and Analytics

  • Sales Performance Dashboards: Monitor sales trends and performance metrics in real-time.
  • Custom Reporting Tools: Generate tailored reports to analyze specific aspects of sales operations.


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Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

  • Tiered Pricing Structures: Automatically apply different pricing levels based on customer segments or order volumes.
  • Promotional Discounts: Manage and apply promotional discounts directly through the order interface.
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Multi-Channel Sales Integration

  • E-commerce Integration: Sync orders from online sales channels directly into the Outbound Module.
  • Marketplace Connectivity: Connect with external marketplaces to expand sales reach and streamline order management.

Simplify Order Fulfillment

  • Efficient Shipment Planning
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Compliance and Documentation
  • Customer Communication Tools
  • Accounts Receivables Reconciliation
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Efficient Shipment Planning

  • Route Optimization: Automatically determine the best delivery routes to minimize costs and delivery times.
  • Load Planning: Optimize how orders are loaded into delivery vehicles to maximize space and reduce costs.
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Advanced Inventory Management

  • Real-time Inventory Levels: Keep track of inventory levels in real-time to prevent stockouts during order fulfillment.
  • Automated Reordering: Set thresholds for automatic reordering of stock items to maintain optimal inventory levels.
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Compliance and Documentation

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure all shipments meet local and international shipping regulations.
  • Automated Document Generation: Produce necessary shipping and customs documentation automatically.
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Customer Communication Tools

  • Order Status Updates: Automatically send real-time updates to customers about their order status.
  • Feedback Collection: Implement tools for gathering customer feedback post-delivery to improve service.


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Accounts Receivables Reconciliation

  • Invoice Automation: Automatically generate and send invoices upon order completion, ensuring timely billing.
  • Payment Tracking: Monitor and manage payments, overdue accounts, and receive alerts to improve cash flow.
  • Mark as Paid: Easily update invoice statuses to "Paid" once payments are received, streamlining account reconciliation.
  • AR Aging Reports: Access accounts receivable aging reports to view the duration that invoices have been outstanding, aiding in financial analysis and collections.
  • Payment Terms Configuration: Set and manage payment terms directly in the system, ensuring clarity and adherence to agreed timelines.

Order to Cash Process

Flourish enhances the entire order-to-cash (O2C) process, ensuring companies can optimize every step, from order placement to final payment, which improves business efficiency and strengthens customer relationships.
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"We launched Flourish's Outbound module just before our licensing and Metrc activation, which proved pivotal for our smooth setup and integration. Their team expertly managed our data organization and compliance needs, easing the complexity of Metrc. The module significantly boosted our operational efficiency and market readiness. Flourish’s ongoing support continues to be exceptional, crucial for our compliance and distribution management."

Michael Warren, Director of Cultivation & Marketing
Green Eyes Farms

Key Partner Integrations for Inbound

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Seamlessly Align Sales and Operations with Outfield

Enhance territory management and sales team collaboration through Outfield's real-time analytics and geolocation features. This integration ensures that inventory levels and data updates are synchronized between Flourish and Outfield, facilitating efficient sales processes across multiple facilities.

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Manage and Streamline Cannabis Retail with Flywheel

FlyWheel enables retailers to automatically adjust inventory levels, preventing shortages of popular items and excess of slow-moving ones. This helps retailers manage demand efficiently, minimizing losses from overstocking or stockouts, and enhancing profitability.

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Sell B2B directly with our eCommerce Menu

Powered by our open-source WooCommerce plug-in, the Flourish Wholesale Portal allows cannabis brands and manufacturers to create a custom B2B eCommerce menu exclusive wholesale purchasing channel integrated with Flourish Software.

Who Benefits from Our Outbound Module for Cannabis Order Fulfillment and Shipments?


Cultivators utilize the Outbound Module to efficiently manage and track the distribution of their harvests, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and optimizing the freshness and quality of their perishable products during market entry.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Cultivators


Manufacturers leverage the Outbound Module to streamline the handling of finished goods, enhancing order fulfillment accuracy and maintaining optimal inventory levels to efficiently meet ongoing customer demands while ensuring traceability for compliance and recall purposes.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Manufacturers


Distributors benefit from the Outbound Module's advanced logistics features that accommodate complex distribution needs such as managing diverse inventory, coordinating multiple shipping locations, and scaling operations to align with business growth and market demands.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Distributors

Compliance Managers

With Flourish, compliance managers benefit from the module's compliance tracking features, ensuring that all orders and shipments adhere to regulatory standards. This is crucial for businesses in regulated industries like cannabis, where compliance with state and federal laws is mandatory.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Compliance Managers

Financial Officers

Financial officers utilizing Flourish benefit from the module’s ability to synchronize with accounting software, streamline invoice generation, and track payments. This helps in maintaining accurate financial records and improving cash flow management through timely billing and collections. 

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Financial Officers

Warehouse Managers

Warehouse managers gain from improved shipment planning and execution. The module's integration with inventory management systems allows them to efficiently allocate products to orders and optimize the packing and shipping processes, reducing errors and saving time.

Sales Team

Sales teams benefit from the module's ability to streamline the sales order process and improve customer communication. They can manage sales more effectively with real-time data on order status and inventory levels, ensuring they can meet customer demands promptly and accurately.

Scale your seed-to-sale operations with Flourish.