Cannabis Inventory Management Software

Flourish Software's inventory management system is expertly designed for the entire cannabis supply chain, including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. This robust platform offers real-time inventory control and seamless integration, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance.

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The Advantages of Our Cannabis Inventory Management Software

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Non-Cannabis Inventory Management

Facilitates management of cannabis and non-cannabis inventory, supporting functions like quick receipt and detailed tracking.

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Versatile Application

Catering to every segment of the cannabis business from cultivation through processing to retail. Our build-in versatility ensures that each step of your cannabis operations can rely on the Flourish to manage your inventory effectively.
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Track and Trace Integrations

Integrated with METRC and BioTrack, streamlining compliance and inventory management by automating data synchronization, reducing manual workload, and helping businesses maintain compliance effortlessly, reducing the risk of regulatory issues.
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Efficient and Scalable

Engineered to boost operational efficiency and grow seamlessly with your cannabis business. Whether you manage a single dispensary or oversee a sprawling multi-facility enterprise, Flourish is scalable and adaptable, evolving in sync with your expanding business needs.

Simplify Inventory Management

  • Multi-Facility Management
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates and Tracking
  • Detailed Package Management
  • Automated Reordering
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Multi-Facility Management

Flourish streamlines inventory tracking for vertically integrated operators and businesses operating across multiple locations by centralizing management and adapting to local compliance requirements.
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Real-Time Inventory Updates and Tracking

Inventory data is available in real-time, providing businesses with up-to-the-minute information about their stock levels. This feature is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and for making informed decisions quickly.
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Detailed Package Management

Within Flourish, manage each package's details, including weight, strain, and other product-specific attributes. This feature is crucial for maintaining compliance with state regulations and precise product tracking.

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Automated Reordering

Set thresholds for automatic reordering to maintain ideal inventory levels. Flourish's inventory management solution prevents stockouts, enhances cash flow, and lowers storage costs by automatically restocking items optimally.

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Extensive Labeling Capabilities

Create and print barcodes and QR codes for efficient scanning and data entry, with customizable labels including product details, batch numbers, and expiration dates.

Aperture Brands

"From the moment we opened our Los Angeles-based microbusiness, we've relied on Flourish to manage our fast-moving inventory efficiently and accurately. Flourish tracks each step of our production process, from bulk runs to the final packaged goods, providing a real-time view that allows us to make necessary adjustments. The labeling feature saves time by enabling custom label creation and streamlined printing. Inventory counting has become simpler and more accurate, which is crucial for our operations. The inventory control reports are essential for production planning and running our operation smoothly. Flourish has exceeded our expectations in inventory management and is highly recommended for any cannabis business looking to scale."

Andrew Freeman, Chief Branding Officer
Aperture Brands

Key Partner Integrations for Cannabis Inventory Management


Simplify Complex Enterprise Labeling with MarkMagic

Seamlessly integrated with Flourish, CYBRA's MarkMagic® is the best enterprise-grade label and document printing solution in the cannabis space, exposing over 400 dynamic data points to print labels on demand with the styles and controls required in our industry.

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Manage and Streamline Cannabis Retail with Flywheel

FlyWheel enables retailers to automatically adjust inventory levels, preventing shortages of popular items and excess of slow-moving ones. This helps retailers manage demand efficiently, minimizing losses from overstocking or stockouts, and enhancing profitability.

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Maintain Financial Control with QBO

Easy to set up, our integration with QBO allows for the synchronization of transactional data and its associated master elements across both platforms. This provides businesses with the tools they need to maintain comprehensive financial control, track inventory, and effectively manage their operations to achieve growth and success.

Who Benefits from Our Cannabis Inventory Management Software?


Flourish tracks plants from seed to sale, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient inventory management for cultivators.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Cultivators


Manufacturers gain visibility into production processes, with features like custom labeling and real-time adjustments to ensure product consistency.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Manufacturers


Distributors benefit from accurate inventory tracking and logistics management, optimizing distribution routes and schedules.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Distributors


Retailers get real-time stock levels and sales data, maintaining optimal inventory levels and ensuring compliance with accurate labeling.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software's Omnichannel POS or Retailers

Compliance Managers

Compliance officers use Flourish to maintain detailed records and generate regulatory reports, ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Compliance Managers

Financial Officers

Finance teams track costs, monitor profit margins, and generate financial reports, gaining a clear picture of the business's financial health.

Explore the Benefits of Flourish Software for Financial Officers

Warehouse Managers

Warehouse managers streamline operations with real-time tracking, automated counts, and optimized order fulfillment processes.

Sales Team

Sales teams benefit from Flourish by accessing real-time inventory data, enabling them to provide accurate product availability information to customers and close deals more efficiently. The software also helps track sales performance and customer trends, facilitating targeted sales strategies.

Scale your seed-to-sale operations with Flourish.