Compliance is Core to What We Do.

For cannabis and hemp operators, automated compliance is a critical aspect of running a successful business. That's why we integrated with the most widely used regulatory systems.

  • Metrc
  • Biotrack Logo Compliance Integrations 2
  • OMMA
  • Florida MMUR Icon
  • Virginia
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Automated Compliance Made Easy

For Operators in states without mandated Track & Trace systems like Metrc or BioTrack, or Medical Reporting systems like MMUR or PMP; be thankful you're in the minority.

For the vast majority of operators who have mandated compliance or medical dispensation systems, we understand the complexity they bring to your business and have years of experience in supporting Operators.

These systems are compliance systems, not business operation systems. They don't have the reliability or the features to run your business. That's where Flourish comes in. On top of the industry-proven seed-to-sale platform, Flourish integrated with the most popular Track & Trace and Medical Reporting systems to automate compliance saving enough time and money to pay for itself.

State Mandated Track & Trace Integrations:

  • Metrc
  • BioTrack

Track & Trace Integration Features:

  • Deep integration with automated syncing, eliminating dual data entry.
  • Automated nightly inventory snapshots for reporting and compliance.
  • Alerts and audit logs to support compliant operations.
  • Queuing to mitigate METRC downtime.
  • SOPs to support compliant operations

State Medical Systems:

  • Florida: The Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR)
    • Caregiver support & workflows
    • Real-time POS-integrated dosage validation and allocation
    • Real-time automation of holds and dispensations for delivery orders
  • Virginia: The Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
  • Oklahoma: The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)

We understand that navigating the complex regulatory landscape can be overwhelming. Let us simplify the process and help you stay compliant. 

We wrote eBooks about best practices for the two leading track & trace systems. Pick which provider is used in your state and download the eBook here:

Download the Flourish & Metrc: Integrations & Best Practices Guide

Flourish BioTrack Best Practices

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