Flourish Wholesale Portal

Powered by our open-source WooCommerce plug-in, the Flourish Wholesale Portal allows cannabis brands and manufacturers to create a custom B2B eCommerce menu exclusive wholesale purchasing channel integrated with Flourish Software.


Establish Direct Relationships with Retailers

Provides the opportunity for direct interaction and the cultivation of relationships with retailers.

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Security Access Restrictions

Password-protected access guarantees that only authorized retailers can browse and make purchases.
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Flourish offers a cost-effective solution for brands, particularly those already integrated into Flourish Software’s seed-to-sale ecosystem.
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Control Your B2B eCommerce Store 

Exercise complete control over customization and branding, ensuring your platform reflects your unique vision, user experience, and brand messaging.

Automatic Order Processing

Wholesale orders placed online through a brand's customized B2B eCommerce menu are seamlessly sent to Flourish Software, streamlining the order processing workflow.

Real-Time Inventory Sync

Experience seamless inventory management with automatic synchronization to Flourish software, ensuring precise tracking of product availability while effortlessly maintaining compliance with state regulations.

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"Our B2B eCommerce menu with Flourish has streamlined our wholesale operations at Major Bloom. The ease of access and seamless integration with our manufacturing process have been game-changers. Our team can effortlessly transfer products from manufacturing to our wholesale website."

Ravon Williams, Business Development Manager
Major Bloom, Worchester, MA

How can I start using Flourish Wholesale Portal for my cannabis brand?

Flourish offers three flexible implementation options tailored to your needs. Choose the option that best aligns with your brand's vision and capabilities, and embark on a journey to elevate your B2B eCommerce cannabis sales with Flourish Wholesale Portal. 

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Flourish Guided Setup

The Flourish implementation team will assist you in following our help documentation to prepare your Flourish instance for synchronization with the Flourish Wholesale Portal.

Flourish will establish and manage a fundamental version of your B2B eCommerce menu for your company, adjusting all necessary plugins and settings to ensure your success. 

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Preferred Partnered Agency

Vetted by Flourish, explore our recommended agencies to assist in hosting and launching your site.

These agencies can elevate your site beyond the essentials, offering services such as immersive landing pages, branded wholesale-focused SEO enhancements, and outreach strategies.

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Do It Yourself Option

For operators on Flourish with an in-house IT team, follow our open-sourced WooCommerce Plug-In and our help docs to stand up a custom Flourish Wholesale Portal experience of your own.

This plugin allows users of the Flourish platform to seamlessly integrate items, inventory, customers, and orders into a flexible and powerful website for B2B sales.

The Flourish WooCommerce leverages the Flourish External API, turning headless setups requiring developers into a no-code install and configuration.

Let's get your wholesale operations under control. Reach out today to learn more!