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Go beyond seed to sale tracking to help improve your cannabis cultivation and processing business.

Flourish is a robust software platform for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors to track product from seed to sale, manage operations, and leverage advanced analytics.


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 Cannabis Cultivation           Tracking & Compliance

  • Comply with State Mandated                            reporting systems
  • Track plants across the supply                          chain
  • Account for waste, destruction,                        conversion and moisture loss
  • Enable real-time product recalls

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  Cultivation                    Management

  • Grow Calendar with harvest tasks
  • Daily Grow Report
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Inventory and crop management
  • Outbound operations

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cultivation management
manufacturing and processing



  Manufacturing &          Processing

  • Vertically integrated solution
  • Optimize the extraction process
  • Formulation and recipe management
  • Production and manufacturing schedule

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Cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors use Flourish to optimize their business.

  • Mobile Access
  • Scanner gun
  • Advanced analytics
  • Enables automation
  • Built for growth 

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