Finally, easy-to-use software designed to help your cannabis business flourish.  

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Stay Compliant

Track inventory and harness data to optimize your business

Flourish is a comprehensive cannabis software that will help you not only manage your day to day operations better but will help you gain valuable insights for your cannabis operation and help you make data driven decisions.

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  • Ensure compliance with METRC state systems
  • Track clones and plants through every growth stage
  • Easily locate every single plant by strain, area, and bench

      All cultivation features 


& Processing

  • Print Customizable labels with product details including raw materials, lab results, expiration dates
  • Vertically integrated businesses with multiple licenses
  • Track and manage all inventory, including raw materials, cannabis product, and supplies

      All manufacturing features →

  • Real-time inventory management by location
  • Track all inbound purchase orders, and outbound orders
  • Advanced analytics to help you improve your logistics

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Manage inventory more efficiently with our mobile app & hand scanner

  • Minimize human errors from entering in tags manually by scanning plants, supplies, and any inventory that you have
  • Simply scan both cannabis and non cannabis inventory
  • Faster in-house audits that are easier to perform

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"Flourish has helped us optimize our operations in both
our grow and in our manufacturing facilities at Surterra."

flourish cannabis customer

Cameron Champion

Chief Information Officer - Surterra Wellness - Florida/Texas





What's new?

Our team of Success Managers, Product Designers, and Software
Engineers are excited to release new features and products in 2018. 

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cannabis cultivation management




Grow Management 
& Cost Accounting

  • Stay on schedules and optimize your yields and processes 
  • Set harvest tasks through all grow stages assigned to team members 
  • Track manufacturing tasks through your entire process



Flourish retail and Enterprise
Supply Chain Management

Robust POS, back of store operations, improved
e-commerce capabilities, and more on the way.