Finally, easy-to-use software designed to help your cannabis, hemp and CBD business Flourish.

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Built by supply chain and inventory management experts, run by cannabis industry professionals.

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A better way to manage your compliance data and scale your business for efficient operations.

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Whether you are an independent cultivator, vertically integrated, or 
multi-state operator, Flourish captures and centralizes critical business data, automates processes, and provides advanced analytics and reporting that nourishes your businesses growth.



Increase yields, optimize your cultivation operating procedures and easily track your plants’ entire lifecycle, from seed to sale.

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Standardize your proprietary run processes and manage your entire facility including machines, ingredients and non-cannabis inventory.

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Build strong relationships with partners and vendors and efficiently deliver products with driver, vehicle and sales
ep tracking.

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Deliver a fast
and secure customer/patient retail experience with our customizable Retail software and Point of Sale app.

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What Our Clients Say


Paradise Wellness Center

Wes Brodbeck, Director of Cultivation

Flourish is an easy to navigate, user friendly program for all of our cultivation and distribution tracking needs. Their customer service is top notch! Questions and issues are addressed very quickly and professionally. Our #1 choice in cannabis software!


Surterra Wellness

Cameron Champion, Chief Information Officer

Flourish has helped us optimize our operations in both our grow and in our manufacturing facilities at Surterra.


CA Cannabis Factory

Jack Steel, Inventory Director

We’ve been using Flourish for 7 months and it is far superior to any of the track and trace systems I’ve had experience with. Specifically, we have leveraged the new manufacturing module which allows us to manage and track extraction runs at each stage of the process by extraction type, machine hours, process duration, temperature and non-cannabis consumables. Flourish has also made sure we have the proper reporting and analytics to see inventory levels, sales demand and incoming products. They are great to work with and the service and support teams are very responsive.


Always Up to Speed.

Flourish is built by supply-chain experts and run by cannabis professionals. We continuously enhance our software to reflect today’s industry standards. Follow along with our latest software updates here.


On the Go Technology.

With the help of our mobile app, you can scan plants, supplies, and all cannabis or non-cannabis materials, minimizing the risk of human error. Want to learn more? Click here.



 Award Winning Technology

Our seed to sale tracking software has been recognized by the National Cannabis Industry Association as winner of Excellence in Cannabis Technology, Cultivation in 2019. 

Flourish Blog

Follow our professional insights into the cannabis industry, seed to sale tracking, business software solutions, and more. There’s always something to discuss in this fast-paced and evolving market.

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