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Unlock the full potential of your cannabis retail business with Flourish's comprehensive inventory, compliance, POS, and supply chain management software. We support online orders, reserve ahead, delivery, front and back of house purchase fulfillment, and the best discounts engine on the market. Integrations with METRC, MMUR, PMP, and others. Designed specifically for cannabis operators, our innovative platform streamlines your operations and enhances the retail experience for both you and your customers.

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Omnichannel excellence.

Enterprise-grade POS.

Customer-centric approach.

Efficient Purchase Fulfillment

Our POS system goes beyond traditional front-of-house operations. Flourish enables you to efficiently handle purchase fulfillment from both the front and back of the house. With robust features for inventory management, order processing, and real-time tracking, you can effortlessly navigate through the complexities of the cannabis supply chain.


Powerful Discounting and Order Capture

Boost your sales and protect your margins with Flourish's industry-leading discount engine. Our system empowers you to create and schedule discounts that are tailored to your business needs. From percentage-based discounts and time-based promotions to item-specific offers, BOGO deals, and customer group discounts, the possibilities are endless.

We believe in the power of integration, which is why our open API, webhooks, and Zapier connections allow you to capture orders from various channels where your customers are. Seamlessly integrate with leading cannabis e-commerce and marketing systems such as Alpine IQ and I Heart Jane to expand your reach and maximize your sales potential.


Robust Reporting and Store Operations

Flourish offers the most comprehensive back-of-house management capabilities on the market. Our POS system is an extension of our full seed-to-sale offering, providing you with powerful tools for auditing, inventory count, cash management, and reporting. With a unified operating system for your business, you can ensure product consistency across multiple locations, making it especially valuable for MSOs and multi-location stores. Gain valuable insights into your operations, optimize inventory management, and streamline your reporting processes to drive efficiency and profitability.


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