Why Operators Switch From Canix To Flourish

Unlike Canix, which provides seed-to-sale ERP software for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, Flourish offers a complete seed-to-sale supply chain management platform that boasts all those modules, but also the best-in-class cultivation, manufacturing, and retail POS software for cannabis operators.


Why do operators switch to Flourish? Because we consistently deliver the most innovative platform for cannabis businesses to Grow, Sell, Scale, and Flourish. 

Our Differentiators

  • Vertical Integration for End-to-End Management
  • Expertise and Proven Track Record
  • Advanced Integrations and Real-Time Synchronization
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting
  • User-Friendly Interface and Features
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
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Vertical Integration for End-to-End Management

  • Seed-to-Sale Tracking: Flourish covers the entire supply chain from cultivation to sale, providing complete visibility and control over operations.
  • Scalability: Our platform is designed to scale with your business, supporting growth and expansion without sacrificing efficiency or control.
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Expertise and Proven Track Record

  • Seven Years of Industry Experience: With over seven years in the cannabis sector, Flourish has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this industry.
  • Focused Talent: Our team’s expertise is honed from real-world experience, and our dedication to excellence ensures that our clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their needs.
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Advanced Integrations and Real-Time Synchronization

  • State Tracking Systems: Flourish synchronizes data with state tracking systems in real-time, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of discrepancies.
  • Seamless Integrations: Our platform offers seamless integration capabilities with various software and hardware systems, providing a cohesive and efficient operational environment. Including:
    • Zapier
    • QBO
    • Google Sheets
    • and More...
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Robust Analytics and Reporting

  • Data-Driven Insights: Flourish provides robust analytics that help clients make informed decisions, optimize operations, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Customizable Reports: Our reporting tools are customizable to meet the specific needs of each business, providing actionable insights that drive success.
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User-Friendly Interface and Features

  • Intuitive Design: Our user-friendly interface simplifies complex processes, making it easier for operators to manage their supply chain efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: We offer extensive training and support to ensure that our clients can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.
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Continuous Improvement and Innovation

  • Regular Updates: We continually update our platform with new features and improvements based on client feedback and industry trends.
  • Forward-Thinking Solutions: Flourish is committed to staying ahead of the curve, offering innovative solutions that anticipate and address the evolving needs of the cannabis industry.

Flourish Software vs Canix

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canix logo grey
Metrc Intelligent Queuing
Yes - Flourish's intelligent queuing ensures transactions queue and sync automatically during METRC downtimes
Yes - Our integration supports multiple brand pages, batch level sales, UOM conversion (sell in lbs and fulfill in gms), item category mapping, and automatic inventory updates.
Yes - Seamlessly integrates with Flourish, enabling automatic inventory updates and streamlined purchase order creation.
Dynamic Label Templating and Management
Yes - Configure, manage, and print various labels, including cannabis and non-cannabis items, with customizable settings and compliance features.
Certificate of Analysis PDF Uploading
Yes - Upload a PDF of your lab's COA, Flourish reads and extracts available potency and terpene data.
Automatic COA Label Populating
Yes - Generates labels with QR codes linking directly to the COA via Flourish hosted website.
Yes - Full Coverage
Yes - Limited Coverage
Yes - Outfield and HubSpot certified partner and reseller, with in-app company and contact management.

Brands Grow With Flourish

Transparent Pricing

Flourish offers flexible pricing tailored to support the cannabis industry at any stage of your growth journey.

Unmatched Customer Service

Flourish's complete support includes live office hours, self-service courses, extensive documentation, and ticket tracking.

Master Data Management

Flourish structures and aligns 200+ data points across your licenses, reducing item setup time by up to 80%.

Money Saved with Flourish


(Monthly Per Operator)

Customer Retention Rate


(Excludes Business That Ceased Operations)

Orders Processed


(Yearly Outbound Orders)

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