Flourish & Outfield Integration

Seamlessly Align Sales and Operations.

Outfield is the go-to field sales CRM due to the gamification built in, ease of use, and the amount of time saved when in the field.

Whether it’s prospecting on the fly or planning your route into our calendar a month in advance, Outfield enables sales reps to walk into accounts with historical data, real time inventory levels, and notes/comments from co-workers about the account.

The gamification element gives sales managers the ability to incentivize the type of activity they want to encourage, whether that’s cold calls and emails for an inside sales team, or account visits and demos for a field sales team, Sales managers have near unlimited options to customize and optimize the type of activity they want to drive.


Unlock the power of Outfield's CRM, field sales tool suite, and sales gamification natively integrated on top of Flourish's leading cannabis seed to sale tracking system. Track brand ambassador performance, empower cannabis field sales reps with a live menu, mobile order entry, and routing to plan their day. Capture merch drops, activations, promos, store check-ins, calls, emails, and more with a tool that your team will actually use. 

Live Syncing

Ensure sales and operations stay completely in sync with real-time inventory, orders, payments, and sales activity.

Plan & Execute

Don’t waste money and valuable time due to inefficient travel logistics. Instead, save up to 30% of your windshield time by letting Outfield map your visits and help you schedule your multi stop routes accordingly.

Boost Performance

90% of sales managers we surveyed said sales contests & other gamified mechanics had a positive impact on sales numbers & revenue. Outfield gamifies sales to not only enhance collaboration & friendly competition among your reps, but also boost overall output up to 3x!

Performance Management

Outfield makes it easy to obtain critical info pertaining to your company’s sales execution. Quickly pull details & metrics associated with deal stage, revenue generation for your accounts, team productivity, & reports highlighting all of your customer touchpoints.

Instant Analytics

Prioritize your team’s efforts with up-to-the-minute access to analytics and reporting to quickly identify leaks, reveal superstars, and evaluate your team in a way that fits your strategy. Find reports that are filterable by goals, completion dates, revenue, and more within your purpose built performance system.

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