Flourish Started with a Trip to California.

By chance, we met a team of experienced cannabis cultivators who were impressed with our supply chain and enterprise software background. At that time we first heard about a serious need for better software for cannabis cultivation. As strong advocates for full legalization, we decided to investigate. So we surveyed the market. We talked to operators in a half dozen states. We reviewed the software currently on the market. After all of this, we decided these guys were right! Software only ranked behind banking and permitting as a major pain point for business owners in this industry.

Our Goal

Working closely with industry leaders, we built Flourish with a goal to empower today’s cannabis professionals, providing them with the latest tools to not only stay compliant but also stay ahead in the market. 

Our software platform goes way beyond tracking product from seed to sale. We enable automation at each link in the cannabis supply chain. We track inventory, record and direct activity, and enable operators to run their business in the most cost-effective manner possible. Because Flourish creates and captures rich sets of data along the way, it can provide actionable analytics to help take your business to the next level. We are so excited to be bringing world-class software to this industry to empower fellow entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and provide quality cannabis to the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the cannabis industry the world-class software it deserves to help it comply, compete, and flourish in a heavily regulated environment.

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Flourish Cannabis Colton
Colton Griffin
Chief Executive Officer

Bennett Adams
Bennett Adams
Chief Information Officer

Juan Carlos Garcia
Juan Carlos Garcia
Chief Technology Officer

Pete Crawford
Vice President, Client Services

Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright
Vice President, Marketing


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