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Operate Like a Global Distributor

Your brand is in good hands with our team. We are a team of supply chain and distribution experts that have helped global brands move products and goods on an enormous scale. We have worked within the cannabis supply chain, bringing our experience handling inventory and order fulfillment in warehouses across the country into the real-world operations of the cannabis industry.

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Order Fulfillment

  • Manage all sales orders and transfers within Flourish. Includes sales rep tracking, order approvals, custom notes, and multiple fulfillment workflows. 
  • Achieve and maintain a perfect order index by flawlessly fulfilling orders, accurately, on time and at the expected quality and price. 
  • Core inventory management functions include locating, locking, and adjusting inventory. Use Flourish's bulk actions to make updates quickly. 
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Mobile Scanning

  • Flourish knows that mobile scanning is key to operational efficiencies in a warehouse  
  • Use our Android-based Mobile App on your devices or paired with certified Zebra hardware to count inventory, move inventory, fulfill orders, and more
  • One of our most successful distributors, Manifest7, increased order accuracy and reduced fulfillment time by over 50% using our mobile scanning app

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Reporting and Analytics

  • The top 90% of distributors over a billion dollars in revenue indicate that information sharing with their vendors is increasing dramatically. 
  • Keep your brands happy through automated reporting on weekly/monthly sales and order fulfillment rates. 
  • Flourish provides real-time reporting and dashboards on top of your data. Users can easily export data to Excel for offline analysis.
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We’re working tirelessly to build the supply chain of the future in the cannabis industry. Join us. 
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