Flourish Hand Scanner

As experienced warehouse and supply chain experts, we understand that being able to carry out actions quickly and in real time, such as scanning and moving plants, managing packages, or filling orders, is paramount to maintain efficiency and minimize data entry errors. Therefore, we created the Flourish hand scanner app to help you manage your day to day operations out in the facility instead of being tied to your laptop.

Flourish Cannabis Hand Scanner

Cannabis Hand Scanner

Manage Cultivation

 Bulk destroy, update plant status/location by plant or group, harvest batches

Cannabis Scanner Shipping

Shipping and Receiving

 Receive packages, verify inventory, assign packages to orders

Cannabis Technology Audit

Auditing and Inventory Management

Package and plant query, locate inventory in your facility, audit inventory and plants

Cannabis Technology Cellular

Always stay connected 

 The Flourish hand scanner is equipped with cellular data service so you're still connected if your wifi goes down

Cannabis Hand Scanner Durable

Rugged and durable

The hand scanner's rugged housing can handle up to 50 drops from 2 meters onto concrete and is water resistant 

Cannabis Software Secure

Built with security in mind

Define custom roles and permissions and separate users from web application if desired


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