Flourish & Alpine IQ Integration

Streamline Reports, Organize Customers, and Power Modern Loyalty Programs.

Alpine IQ offers the industry’s most extensive suite of tools that protect, segment and promote retailers’ and brands’ in-store and online operations. Paired with our POS and analytics reporting, this integration is designed to help you drive engagement with customers and increase sales.  


Streamline reports, organize customers, and power modern loyalty programs. Our integration with Alpine IQ makes it easy for retail operators to engage, analyze, and reward their customers.

First Impressions

Our single-screen POS integrated loyalty signup, with data verification, means you get it right the first time.

Extensive Integration

2-Way Contact, Order, and Points syncing, Alpine IQ Promotion/Flourish Discount Mapping, 2FA override tied to POS User Permissions and Unified Discount/Promotion reporting. 

Conversation Starters

Get the conversation going with integrated product recommendations based on customer activity. Staff can see available customer promotions before wallet verification.

Know Your Customer

Embedded loyalty status, with points, badges, and promotions just one click away. 

Live Checkout

Budtenders and customers have immediate feedback with a dynamic checkout experience; POS automatically toggles available linked promotions based on customer point totals & cart content.

Beyond the Sale

Budtender-facing transaction summary, automated point modifications for sales and returns. Customer receipts with QR codes to loyalty status encourage future engagement.


Driving Customer Loyalty with Flourish & Alpine IQ

Flourish Director of Omnichannel Strategy and Partnerships, Brian Weber, and Alpine IQ CEO and Co-Founder, Nicholas Paschal, share insider insights on how our advanced integration can help retailers boost their revenue, improve customer loyalty, and stay ahead of the competition.

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