Tech-enabled insurance for a full suite of  cannabis industry needs.

AlphaRoot is a full-service brokerage focusing exclusively on cannabis, hemp, and CBD. AlphaRoot works with companies across the entire supply chain, from ancillary providers to plant-touching businesses empowering them to mitigate risk and focus on expansion. AlphaRoot offers a full suite of insurance products in all 50 states via an end-to-end digital insurance platform.

Professional Integration Flourish Software and AlphaRoot

Flourish + AlphaRoot

AlphaRoot compliments Flourish's holistic approach and broad reach, providing a wide variety of Cannabis businesses with reliable and dynamic insurance options.

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National Reach

Meeting all mutual customers where they are with a National reach and efficiencies of serving all 50 states for the MSO's and growing SSO's.

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Full Vertical Insurance

 Different license types have different needs from seed to sale. AlphaRoot grows with you in scope and coverage.

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Holistic Approach

The macro for the industry and organizational view to the micro for the personalized service — this balance is key to risk management, efficiencies, and service.

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Tech Enabled

From a web-based application and customer portal to accessing and updating renewals, say goodbye to  mountains of paperwork and hello to a better user experience.

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Entourage Effect

With a presence in all 50 states, AlphaRoot has fostered robust connections that extend far beyond insurance coverage, from debt to funding to business guidance.

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