Flourish & Frontier Risk Partnership

Tech-enabled insurance by cannabis executives for a full suite of cannabis industry needs.

Frontier Risk is the first tech-enabled insurance solution for the cannabis sector and first dedicated cannabis insurance brokerage staffed by former cannabis executives.

Frontier Risk's data-driven, service-first brokerage model allows them to provide better risk management solutions than the traditional brokers who are still "getting up to speed" on cannabis. The cannabis business is growing rapidly, but it lacks specific insurance and risk consulting solutions built and implemented by experts who have lived risk throughout the cannabis value chain.

Cannabis claims are complicated, yet quote-to-bind-to-claims service is bad. Policy management should be like checking email. Frontier Risk's software platform simplifies risk management tasks including retrieving a Certificate of Insurance or adding an extra insured or endorsement.

Frontier has lived their clients' operations, pain points, and hazards as cannabis operators and are able to offer top brokerage and risk management advising services by combining institutional knowledge with underwriting and insurtech expertise.


Frontier Risk compliments Flourish's best-in-class software solutions, providing all types of cannabis businesses with innovative and holistic insurance and risk mitigation solutions.

Let’s blaze the next frontier together starting with managing your evolving risk, so you can focus on building your business at scale. Connect with our cannabis insurance experts for free, no-obligation advice click to get a quote.

Note: All insurance related content is provided by our licensed insurance broker partner, Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC. Flourish Software, Inc. is not a licensed insurance brokerage. All content is for general informational purposes only and all insurance products are offered by Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC.

Fair prices for the risk you actually have.

Frontier Risk's experienced team, specializing in cannabis, helps insurance carriers better understand your business and its risks so that you receive the appropriate holistic insurance program.

Cannabis AND Insurance Expertise

The first team teaching cannabis to insurers, not the other way around. Frontier Risk knows your operations, complexities, and risks firsthand, identifying policy gaps and cost-saving tactics while optimizing your corporate structure to mitigate taxes.

Full Customer Service Suite

High-touch, white-glove services are table stakes at Frontier Risk. Their platform streamlines risk management from quotes to claims, making it as easy as checking email or logging into their client portal.

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