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Engineer the Art of Cannabis Extraction.



Consistently deliver high quality goods while controlling costs. 



Flourish is built to handle the complicated processes of an extraction and manufacturing operation with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Leverage data analytics and process engineering to always produce the extracts you want

Flourish uses the power of visual tools and dashboards, machine learning algorithms, and big data analytics to simplify the smallest details of the complex extraction process with precision so you can focus on creating the extracts you've always imagined.


Track costs with high precision at each step of the process using numerous standards 

Flourish allows you to track the costs incurred in the extraction process using metrics such as by hour, by product line, by the method used, by strain, basically anything you want. Not only that, using your data the tool recommends the most cost effective ways to create the extracts you want.


Vertically integrate your operation for complete visibility of all products

Flourish brings together data from all aspects of your operation (or even multiple operations in different states) and offers intuitive dashboards so you can keep track of all your products real-time. Moreover, it makes sure that data in all systems is always consistent and updated.

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