Actionable Insights for Data-Driven Decisions.

Our Dashboards and Reports give you data metrics and insights into your operations so you can respond quickly to an ever changing business environment.

From cultivation or manufacturing specific metrics, to sales, costs and customer reports, Flourish Dashboards and Reports give you the power to adapt business models and processes to reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate more. 

Dashboards Desktop

Sales Analytics

  • Grow revenue, control costs, and meet your sales goals
  • Track sales by rep, batch, item, and even by strain
  • Measure profitability after sales to maintain and improve margins
Sales Analytics_Flourish Software

Extraction and Manufacturing Analytics

  • Understand yields, cost of goods sold, and inventory levels
  • Track components, non-cannabis goods, and costs at each step of the process using extraction runs and bills of materials (recipes)
  • Easy to understand reports and dashboards tailored for manufacturers
Manufacturing Analytics_Flourish Software

Cultivation Analytics

  • Rich cultivation reporting and analytics for cannabis and hemp.
  • Track notes, cultivation inputs, and plant movement within Flourish. Our rich cost tracking allows you to maximize 280e tax deductions.
  • Leverage our robust cultivation dashboards and reports to understand yields, harvest forecasts, and more.
Cultivation Analytics_Flourish Software

Scheduled Reports

  • Get the data you need in your inbox when you start your day. Cancelled orders, low stock, unusual adjustment, and so much more  
  • Detailed and aggregated reports can be exported and shared with team members on a recurring basis 
  • Users can easily export data to Excel for offline analysis
Flourish Software Notifications

The Analytics You Need to Make Smart Decisions

Flourish Software_Cannabis Analytics_2

Compliance Reporting

  • Track Packages & Package Adjustments
  • Monitor Incoming & Outgoing Transfers
  • Set alerts for Expiring Lab Results
  • Track Customer Licenses & Expirations
Flourish Software_Cannabis Analytics_3

License Specific Dashboards

  • Pre-built reports tailored to your license
  • Incorporates industry standard KPIs
  • Leverage our expertise to best use data to drive your business forward
Flourish Software_Cannabis Analytics_1

Sales, Inventory, & Distribution

  • Sell more by focusing on what's important
  • Get a handle on your inventory
  • Drive distribution operations with real-time dashboards

Let's take your cannabis business to new heights.