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Our enhanced Dashboards and Reports gives users data metrics and insights into their operations they likely will not find in any other cannabis and hemp seed to sale software. From cultivation or manufacturing specific metrics to sales, costs and customer reports, Flourish Dashboards and Reports will provide users with real time analytics that they can record, share and monitor to improve operations.

The Data Your Business Needs is Finally Here

Dashboards and Reports are automatically available based on your license type, state or custom requests.


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Reports & Dashboards:

• Track Packages & Package Adjustments

• Monitor Incoming & Outgoing Transfers

• Set alerts for Expiring Lab Results

• Track Customer Licenses & Expirations 

License Specific
Reports & Dashboards:

• Cultivation: Gain insights on survival rates by strain through each growth phase

• Manufacturing: Quickly see Machine hours, run types and output by item or category over custom date ranges

• Cultivation: Run reports on harvest metrics such as average yield per strain, popular sellers, and fastest finishers

Sales, Inventory & Distribution Reports & Dashboards:

• Track total sales by month, by destination, by sales rep and more!

• Monitor sales by customer, product, brand, category and more

• Comprehensive inventory control reports that monitor the precise activity for each sku or item (created, consumed, shipped, on hand)

The Analytics You Need to Make Smart Decisions

Based on your entirely on your license and business needs, Dashboards provide a holistic view into your operations and sales.





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The Tools You Need to Stay on Track.

Send alerts and notifications to yourself and colleagues when data points reach a certain threshold. An order has been cancelled? Get notified. Stock is low? Set up a recurring alert if you reach a minimum inventory. Detailed and aggregated reports can be exported and shared with team members on a recurring basis.



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