Manufacturing Visibility and Costing

Leading cannabis manufacturers trust Flourish to help execute on production plans and track costs

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Manufacturing Execution

  • Set up and execute process runs, assemblies, and recipes
  • Understand WIP, re-order points, and production capacity
  • Support GMP and FSMA compliance
  • Document what machines and extraction methods you use. Capture the time, temperature, and pressure for each run. Lot track component inventory for easy safety recalls. 
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Calculate and Track Margins

  • Track components, non-cannabis goods, and costs at each step of your manufacturing process.  
  • Flourish accumulates the costs as you build inventory and allows you to report on actual versus standard costing.  
  • Report on all this using our library of dashboards and reports. True profitability reporting per item or batch. We save you time and make you money.

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Data Driven Decisions

  • Our library of dashboards and reports gives you metrics and insights into your operations not found in any other cannabis or hemp seed-to-sale software.  
  • Access manufacturing-specific metrics around costs, sales, and production to make informed decisions about your business. 
  • Grow revenue, fulfill more orders, and scale operations by ensuring data is being tracked and reported.
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