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Capture Your Process

Brands like yours put a lot of care and money behind branding, advertising and consumer marketing. Maintain that brand with consistent, high-quality production and order fulfillment. Flourish is built to handle the complicated processes of an extraction and manufacturing operation with a focus on quality and efficiency.  

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Manage SOPs with Best Practices 

  • Growth and scaling require efficient, intelligent operating procedures and the right toolsets to manage those standard operating procedures. 
  • Capture cannabis and CBD extraction data to comply with GMP requirements and build the framework for rich analytics.  
  • Document what machines and extraction methods you use. Capture the time, temperature, and pressure for each run. Lot track component inventory for easy safety recalls. 
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Maximize Profit with COGS

  • Track components, non-cannabis goods, and costs at each step of the process using extraction runs and bills of materials (recipes).  
  • Flourish allows you to track your costs of goods sold for products created in extraction and manufacturing.  
  • Report on all this using our library of dashboards and reports. True profitability reporting per item or batch. We save you time and make you money.

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Save time with Your Data Dashboard

  • Our enhanced Dashboards and Reports gives you data metrics and insights into your operations not found in any other cannabis or hemp seed-to-sale software.  
  • From manufacturing-specific metrics to sales, costs, and customer reports, Flourish Dashboards and Reports will provide you real time analytics to improve operations. 
  • Grow revenue, fulfill more orders, and scale operations by ensuring data is being tracked and reported.
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