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We go beyond compliance to take your cultivation management to the next level with the Flourish seed-to-sale ERP solution for cannabis. Flourish's cultivation management technology provides you with a central hub for managing information from all sources and data models for reporting and analysis. These features provide insights so you can be in complete control of your operation and make data-driven decisions.

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Easy to Use Tools

Manage and track your plants across grow stages and stay fully compliant without interacting with state systems Flourish lets cultivators group or batch their plants based on their specific business needs and takes care of syncing plants with the state system behind the scenes.

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Reporting and Analytics

Maximize Profit with COGS

Rich cultivation reporting and analytics for cannabis and hemp. Track notes, cultivation inputs, and plant movement within Flourish. Leverage our robust cultivation dashboards and reports to understand yields, costs, harvest forecasts, and more.

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Inventory and Testing

Save time with Your Data Dashboard

Manage inventory and COAs after your harvest. Capture the total weights harvested. Leverage our robust inventory management capabilities to locate, adjust, lock, and transform all your inventory. Store your certificates of analysis and lab testing data in Flourish to associate them to the batches on hand.

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