Hemp Cultivation & Post-Harvest Management Software

The tools you need to manage your hemp cultivation and post-harvest processes at scale.

Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation Dashboard

Effortlessly manage inventory across multiple sites.

Stay fully compliant without interacting with track and trace systems.

Forecast yields and costs with comprehensive reports and analytics.

Capture Hemp Farm Visibility

  • Manage and track your plants across grow stages
  • Create sales orders and handle order fulfillment all in one place  
  • Report to stakeholders from your Flourish dashboard, or schedule reports to automatically send via email
Capture Hemp Farm Visibility through Flourish Software Dashboards

Increased Agility & Productivity

  • Use our Android-based Mobile App on your devices or paired with certified Zebra hardware
  • Count inventory, move inventory, and fulfill orders while reducing data duplication and entry errors
  • Scan barcode/RFID tags and locate or move plants, bulk kill clones, and more
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Your Cultivation Data How You Need It

  • Real-time analytics easily accessed via dashboards for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, Compliance, Fulfillment, and Sales
  • Track notes, cultivation inputs, and plant movement within Flourish 
  • Use Flourish's sales reporting capabilities to grow revenue, control costs, and meet your sales goals

Successful hemp business Flourish with us!

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