Hemp Cultivation & Post-Harvest Management

The tools you need to manage your hemp cultivation and post-harvest processes at scale.

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Hemp Farm Visibility

  • Manage and track your plants across grow stages 
  • Create sales orders and handle order fulfillment all in one place  
  • Report to stakeholders from your Flourish dashboard, or schedule reports to automatically send via email
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Increased Productivity

  • Use our Android-based Mobile App on your devices or paired with certified Zebra hardware 
  • Count inventory, move inventory, and fulfill orders while reducing data duplication and entry errors 
  • Scan barcode/RFID tags and locate or move plants, bulk kill clones, and more

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Your Cultivation Data How You Need It

  • Real-time analytics easily accessed via dashboards for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, Compliance, Fulfillment, and Sales
  • Track notes, cultivation inputs, and plant movement within Flourish 
  • Use Flourish's sales reporting capabilities to grow revenue, control costs, and meet your sales goals
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