Flourish Software Mobile App Video Demos

Take a peek at the Flourish Software mobile app and how it helps our users achieve complete inventory control.

  • Flourish users can utilize the mobile Inbound module to quickly create new inventory, locate, adjust, split and lock packages and record necessary lab samples.
  • The mobile Outbound mobile gives users full control of shipments and orders. Easily create and view orders and shipments and allocate your current inventory to specific sales orders.
  • Cultivators have full access to their plants and inventory and can view their plants and plant groups in clone, veg, flowering and drying. The in-app scanner allows users to conveniently scan plant IDs and create new harvests


Flourish Mobile App Grow Module

View Plants and Plant Groups in Clone, Veg, Flowering and Drying
Search plants by Scanning Plant Tags

Kill or Move Multiple Plants with Mobile Scanning

View & Complete Harvests

  • View Harvests in Progress
  • Scan new tags to start a New Harvest

Move Harvests to Processing


Inventory Module

Create and Control Packages

  • Create New Package
  • Adjust Package
  • Split Packages
  • Locate Packages
  • Lock Packages
  • Take Lab Samples
  • Assign Packages to an Order

Outbound Module

Manage Orders & Shipments:
  • View all Orders
  • View all Shipments
  • Create New Order
  • Allocate Items to Order
  • Create New Shipment