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Webinar: Optimizing Wholesale Sales with Ordo

Flourish Ordo Webinar 16x9-Email

Flourish built a world-class API and webhooks to connect our seed-to-sale platform, and our customer's data, to our partners, and strengthen relationships between our users and partners in an effort to improve efficiency for all. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients, always aiming to provide them with a system they can utilize and trust. Based on customer feedback, we’ve made several improvements to Flourish over the years, one of which was integrating our inventory management software with the leading cannabis CRM platform, Ordo. This integration ensures a quick, seamless flow of information between sales, distribution, and operations, allowing sales reps and brand ambassadors to work more efficiently while in the field.

In our latest webinar, Flourish Director of Omnichannel Strategy and Partnerships, Brian Weber, chats with Ordo Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Rigden to discuss data transfer between the two platforms, and how sales teams can leverage that information while in the field. According to Rigden, one of the main goals of the Flourish+Ordo integration was to help sales teams reduce the number of operational tools they have to rely on when managing orders and customer data. Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Full Inventory & Order Sync - Upload initial inventory, sync orders, payment terms, destinations, status, and more.
  • Finalizing sales on the spot - with a live look at available inventory within Flourish, sales reps can complete orders directly in front of the buyer.
  • Finding prospects and managing territories - Ordo pulls all available license data from state databases, giving sales reps a live view of compliant customers and prospects.
  • Planning activities to funnel leads down the sales pipeline - Ordo makes it easy for sales reps and brand ambassadors to map out their sales plan in a strategic timeline of activities.
  • Maintaining buyer information and account history - high turnover rates in the cannabis industry make it critically important to maintain up-to-date account records like order history, conversations, significant dates, contact information, etc.

Catch the full 30-minute conversation below. 


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