Flourish & Ordo Integration

Seamlessly Align Sales and Operations.

Ordo is a sales management platform dedicated to the cannabis industry. They help cannabis brands launch, scale, and grow. They believe sales teams are one of the most important assets for a brand’s success, and have a deep understanding of the challenges these teams face. Ordo provides a ready-made CRM for cannabis brands that has everything a team needs and requires zero customization. Their platform is built with a mobile-first mindset to support reps who are in the field.


Our integration with Ordo ensures a quick, seamless flow of information between sales, distribution, and operations, allowing sales reps and brand ambassadors to work more efficiently while in the field.

Live Syncing

Ensure sales and operations stay completely in sync with real-time inventory, orders, payments, and sales activity.

Stay Focused

Simple, user-friendly, mobile-first solution that enables sales reps to manage their relationships and orders on the go.

Improve Efficiencies

Remove the need for double entry and manual processes, and free up time to focus on new business development.


Optimizing Wholesale Sales with Ordo & Flourish

Flourish Director of Omnichannel Strategy and Partnerships, Brian Weber, chats with Ordo Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Rigden to discuss data transfer between the two platforms, and how sales teams can leverage that information while in the field.

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