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Not just a software...




A Comprehensive, Customizable SaaS solution based on your business needs






What is Flourish?

There are numerous cannabis softwares in the market offering features ranging from seed to sale tracking to point of sales but none of them offer real solutions to the day to day problems that cultivators face and a sleek, easy to use interface. Flourish is more than just a cannabis cultivation or a seed to sale tracking software; Flourish is a comprehensive tool that will help you not only manage your day to day operations better but will help you gain valuable insights for your operation based on your data. Whether be it keeping track of optimal conditions for a particular strain and recommending schedules and tasks based on that data or be it comparing batch performance over time. Learn more about how this innovative platform can help you flourish!
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Seed-to Sale Tracking 

and Compliance


  • Comply with state mandated reporting             systems
  • Track your plants across the supply chain
  • Account for waste, destruction,                      conversion and moisture loss
  • Enable real-time product recalls
  • Create compliance-focused Labels






  • Easy to use, modern interface
  • Purchasing and receiving integrated
  • Manage crops and inventory
  • Setup alerts and reminders for                      watering/nutrient cycles 
  • Integrate your lab results
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Mobile android app for quick actions



Manufacturing and


  • Integrate all parts of your operation
  • Use data analytics to consistently manufacture high quality products
  • Schedule and maintain production and manufacturing
  • Print smart labels displaying product            information
  • Formulation and recipe management 



Why Flourish?

The answer is simple. Flourish was created by world class engineers and designers in close collaboration with cultivators and growers. The result is a solution that gives non-technical cultivators the power to not only manage but to optimize their operations and overcome the hardest challenges they face in the most simple ways. 


  • Real-time cost per pound metric tracking
  • Track and analyze genealogy
  • Leverage big data analytics to optimize yields


  • Reduce labor costs
  • Automate business processes, data collection, and management
  • Interface with Environmental Control Systems and RFID tags


  • Handle multiple licenses and multi state operations
  • Leverage the power of the cloud to scale as your grow
  • Connect hundreds of data sources and produce interactive custom dashboards and reports