Maryland’s Cannabis Program is operated by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The application period is currently closed to new entrants until further updates. Current applications are under review with selected companies advancing to Stage 2. 

Growers (or cultivators) are responsible for growing cannabis. Growers harvest mature plants and transfer them to processors.

Grower License

Stage 2 Application Fees: $4,000
Biennial Licensing Fees: $125,000

Tracking System Info

The state of Maryland requires cultivation operations to use a seed-to-sale tracking software. Flourish software offers seed-to-sale tracking as one of the core features and is designed to help cultivators stay compliant at all times.

A processor processes usable medical cannabis into medical cannabis concentrates, or medical cannabis-infused products.

Processor License

Stage 2 Application Fees: $4,000
Biennial Licensing Fees: $80,000

Growers will contract with one or more independent testing laboratories for the laboratory to test every batch of medical cannabis to assure that every batch meets approved specifications.


There can be no more than two dispensaries located in each of the 47 legislative districts in the state.

Dispensary License

Stage 2 Application Fees: $4,000
Biennial Licensing Fees: $80,000

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