Flourish & Aeropay Integration

Compliant, Secure, Integrated In-Store and Online Payments.

Aeropay provides contactless, compliant, payment solutions for cannabis retailers - customers simply use their mobile phones, linked to their bank accounts, to pay. By accepting digital payments, merchants have reported a 25%+ increase in customer spending. Boost sales, increase spending, complete online orders, and accept pre-payments for delivery.


Focus on sales beyond the limits of cash payments. Our integration makes in-store and online checkout convenient and easy. Branded payment integration into Flourish POS, Reporting, and Analytics provides easy-to-use, trackable workflows for dispensaries. We're setting the baseline for more advanced integrations to come.

Free & Easy

No cards, no cash, no fees. Customers simply choose the Aeropay payment option to link to their bank account and pay.


Give customers the freedom to spend - accept Aeropay and allow customers to spend what they have in their bank account (instead of their wallet).


Aeropay’s bank-to-bank (ACH) transfers are the compliant payment option for the cannabis industry. No sensitive information is required.


Bank-level encryption and the highest levels of anti-fraud measures ensure security for both businesses and customers alike.


Flourish + Aeropay built branded payment integration into the POS, Reporting, and Analytics to properly record, reconcile, and analyze payments.

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