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Ready, Set, Go! - METRC for California Cannabis

In January of 2018 the State of California announced they would be issuing annual licenses within 180 days and within that time the state track and trace system for cannabis, METRC, would be operational. With METRC integration imminent, now is the time to think about how to track plant movement and inventory levels to start reporting the required data back to the state.  The first step you should take is to find a business partner whose software platform will provide value for your business and also assist in helping you make this transition.

Introducing Flourish Software, the cannabis seed to sale tracking and management platform that has the most comprehensive METRC integration in the industry!   What does this mean for your business?   It means the system you choose to manage your cultivation, manufacturing and distribution operations will determine how efficient you are, the amount of valuable data you collect, and how much time your company will spend having to input data into METRC.

Make no mistake, keeping up with the latest state, and even county/city, requirements and regulations is imperative, and the technology platform you select can either have a negative or positive impact on your business. Here's a quick guide to show you some highlights of the Flourish - METRC Integration:



While the largest operations are either currently using or pursuing these solutions, the smaller and mid-size businesses are also rapidly adopting software to provide the competitive insights needed to thrive. Find a solution that can scale with your business that also maintains regulatory compliance and you will be well on the path to a flourishing operation.

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