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Let Flourish help you go live with METRC!

Attention California, Michigan and Massachusetts cannabis licensees.  Worried about getting your operation ready to be fully live and operational with METRC?  Flourish can help. We are a certified integration vendor with METRC in the following states:

We have developed a comprehensive integration to METRC so that you can run your business with Flourish while reporting your compliance data back to METRC. 

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How Do I Implement Both My Seed to Sale Tracking Software and METRC?

Training and going live with METRC is required, it’s not an option.  Using a software platform to run your business is not a requirement, since really all you have to do is input the required data in METRC to be compliant.  The problem is that METRC is not business software. It doesn’t tell you your best performing customers, best selling product, production capabilities, success rate by strain, total revenue generated from a harvest, etc. etc.  The solution then is to use one of the many seed to sale tracking platforms that integrate with METRC, like Flourish.

We have developed an easy to way to get on boarded with METRC by installing Flourish first.  Here is a rough overview of how it works:

  1. Implement and start using Flourish (Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution or all)
  2. Attend METRC training and then provide Flourish with:
    1. State License #
    2. METRC API Key for each user
  3. Provide Flourish with your Plant and Package tag numbers.
  4. Mutually select a date to go live before the METRC deadline
  5. Do an inventory count and ensure the numbers in Flourish are accurate
  6. Apply METRC plant and package tags to current inventory in Flourish
  7. Flourish will upload the tags and Items back to METRC and then we will also populate the following automatically:
    1. Grow Rooms (clone, veg, flowering, drying)
    2. Strains
    3. Plants
    4. Item Master
  8. You are now live with Flourish and METRC!

If you are already on METRC, no problem! We can sync all of your data directly into Flourish, confirm your configuration, and start using Flourish immediately.


Does It Make A Difference Which One Comes First?

At the end of the day, no.  But, if your business is focused on growing and making the best cannabis products in the market, you probably want the most efficient solution possible.  Flourish makes that possible with the steps listed above. We understand that being compliant while capturing critical data to run your business is essential in today’s competitive cannabis marketplace.  Contact us today if you have more questions about this process or to see a live demo of the Flourish software platform in action!


Download Our METRC Best Practices Guide