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Product Update for 10.13: Split METRC packages for external items!

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Releases and Updates on 10/13/2020:


  • Enhancements to splitting plant batches
  • METRC California only - Package immature plants in Veg and Mother stages
  • Added the ability for clients that record wet weights for every plant to export a plant weight log while the group is still in flowering
  • All METRC Cultivation Clients - Added Strain to the Package selector when creating Clones


  • Added the option to choose None when selecting a Sales Rep
  • We now populate Amount Paid on Invoice PDF's
  • Added the ability to search by Destination to the Shipment search


  • METRC - Allow users to split packages for external items


  • Added Pagination to the LeafLink Item Sync Screen
  • Added Brand mapping to LeafLink

Ever wanted to split packages in METRC for external items? We've got you covered.


Only for Create Package from Package. To use this feature you will need to find an external package from the All Packages grid and select Create Package from the Action dropdown. All source packages need to match the External Item being created.


Here's what that looks like:

New Inventory


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