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Product Update 11.10: Enhanced Destroy Plants Flow

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Flourish is continually evolving. Every two weeks we release new features or update our current features to serve our clients better. Today we've made several improvements to our powerful seed to sale software. If you want to see what we're building next check out our roadmap. If you click into any of the in-progress features you can leave feedback for the team as we build!

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Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 5.58.50 PM



  1. Updated Destroy Plants UI and Functionality
  2. Added a Date Selector to Completing Harvest and Recording Harvest Waste modals


  1. Added a column for SKU to the Item Master Grid View
  2. Removed Description Column from the Item Master Grid View
  3. Added the ability to Export to Excel to the Item Master Grid, Destinations, Vendors, Labs, Drivers, and Vehicles

For the full details of this release click through to our help center.

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