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Flourish + LeafLink Integration

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Flourish has partnered with LeafLink to bring you a seamless integration that saves you time by keeping your storefront up to date and your sales information synced without you having to duplicate the data entry!

Here's what the integration can do:

  1. Inventory: We keep inventory in sync live between Flourish and Leaflink
  2. Orders: Orders from Leaflink to to Flourish. Flourish sends order status updates back to Leaflink.
  3. Sync: Customer data is updated between the two systems automagically
  4. Items: Items are kept in sync between the two systems

With all of this information in your Flourish ERP Dashboard you can use our Quickbooks integration to increase efficiency in your accounting as well! 

Click here to view the development specifics of the seed-to-sale tracking implementation with LeafLink.

Learn more about cannabis Ecommerce in our free webinar next week.

Flourish Software_LeafLink Integration

Want to start using Flourish and LeafLink together right now? Get a demo!


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