Seamlessly Process your Hemp into CBD using Flourish

End to end tracking, inbound/outbound order management, and lot track

Track inbound hemp biomass shipments from multiple farms and producers

  • Attach COA and lab results on incoming biomass
  • Track biomass inventory by farm, producer, harvest name and more
  • Print and scan bar code labels on each batch

Track and Convert harvested flower into crude or distillate using various methods

  • Link back to original harvest data (date, testing results, producer)
  • Track variance and waste across multiple extraction and refinement processes
  • Record extraction runs by machine and extraction method

Track and sell all inventory

  • All inventory is tracked in Flourish (view or filter by type, category, strain, location, harvest date, package date, testing results and more)
  • Leverage the power of our rich inventory and distribution capabilities
  • Create inventory using Bill of Materials and Assemblies

Best in Class Reporting

  • Robust dashboards and reports to show you everything happening within your business
  • Set alerts and subscribe to reports to stay ahead of issues
  • Easily export all data to Excel for further analysis

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