Flourish for Social Equity

Flourish for Social Equity

At Flourish, we work daily to provide the industry best-in-class software tools to maintain compliance, control costs, and drive sales and operations. We believe strongly in equity. That’s why we have decided to put together a program just for approved social equity license holders (and similar businesses) to help those who need it get started on the right path and assure that everyone can be successful in cannabis.

Access = Equity. Access to a license, access to be able to operate, and access to the tools and capital you need to build a business. 

We won't let price be a barrier to making you successful. Schedule a call and let's chat about a plan that works for you.  

Flourish Social Equity Program

Fill out the form and we'll contact you soon. Generally, this is for companies that meet this criteria: 

  • Designation as a Social Equity license through a state agency. Inquire if your state doesn't have a Social Equity program.
  • Licensed for less than five years.  
  • Revenue < $2 million. 

Apply now for our Social Equity Program