Flourish for Social Equity

We want to support operators negatively affected by the War on Drugs over the last 50 years to make sure everyone has a chance to succeed in this industry. Many markets have programs to promote social equity, which are working with mixed results. What can we do as an industry technology provider to address equity in this industry? 

At Flourish, we work daily to provide the industry best in class software tools to maintain compliance, control costs, and drive sales and operations. We believe strongly in equity. That’s why we have decided to offer the Flourish seed-to-sale technology platform to social equity users for $420 a year for up to two licenses. That's discounted by up to 99% to help those who need it get started on the right path and assure that everyone can be successful in cannabis.

Flourish Social Equity Program

Fill out the form and we'll contact you soon. To qualify you need to meet the below conditions:

  • Designation as a Social Equity license through a state agency or, if not available, conviction of cannabis offense or conviction of an immediate family member for a cannabis offense prior to state legalization, without selling to minors and without a violent crime record. 
  • Licensed for less than five years.  
  • Revenue < $2 million. 

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