More than just hemp tracking software.

Flourish is a comprehensive supply chain management software for cannabis and hemp.

Why Flourish?

The answer is simple. Flourish was created by world class engineers and designers in close collaboration with cannabis professionals. The result is a solution that gives cannabis business owners the power to manage and optimize their operations while complying with regulation standards.

Comprehensive Farm Management

Manage hemp cultivation with software built to scale.

Enterprise Supply Chain Solution

Manage multiple licenses and facilities , Customizable areas and locations for warehousing, All inventory tracked and located by package ID and/or internal lot and batch number

CBD Processing

Flourish is the CBD Extraction Software you've been looking for. We also service CBD Manufacturing clients.

Advanced Analytic Reporting

COGS calculation, Management Reports, Track and analyze ancestry and total recall for all harvests and packages

Streamline Business Processes

Alerts, workflow configuration, roles and permissions

Built for Growth

Handle multiple licenses and multi state operations, Robust user role management for greater control and scalability, Connect hundreds of data sources and produce interactive custom dashboards and reports

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Flourish will help you gain valuable insights of your hemp operation and help you make data driven decisions.