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Flourish will help you align operations with sales and marketing functions

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Flourish can assist on implementing, supporting, and aligning HubSpot

CRM Partnership

Here's how the Flourish + HubSpot engagement works: 

Flourish is a certified HubSpot partner. What does that mean? We are able to implement and support HubSpot for your business. Flourish has been a happy HubSpot client for over 5 years and has worked with many clients who use HubSpot across the country. We have a deep expertise in implementing this CRM, CMS, Marketing, Service, and Operations Hubs, and we'll work with you to integrate these functions into Flourish's software. 

Sales Hub: Empower your sales organization with the tools they need to stay on top of sales, track activity, and manage opportunities.

Marketing Hub: A full marketing suite including email marketing, automation, and rich analytics. 

CMS Hub: A website content management system that you will love. Host your website on HubSpot and tightly align it with the rest of HubSpot's hubs. 

Service Hub: A great tool to manage tickets and customer support for full customer lifecycle management.

Operations Hub: HubSpot's advanced tool to manage RevOps and integrate data into HubSpot for comprehensive data management.

Flourish understands how cannabis businesses can best use a CRM and marketing tool in alignment with day-to-day operations. Integrate Flourish with HubSpot, align data between sales, marketing, operations, and finance, and grow your business with tools that scale as you do. 

Already a HubSpot user? We can still help. Let's chat!

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