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“Building Software for Cannabis + Raising Money During Corona with Flourish CEO Colton Griffin,” Investing in Cannabis Podcast

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On May 27, 2020, Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software, was featured in the Investing in Cannabis Podcast to discuss the ever-evolving world of seed to sale software in cannabis.

In the podcast, Griffin shares Flourish's origin story, product focused mindset, and passion for helping customers. He discusses how the market for cannabis software has shifted of late, with more industry consolidation, companies scaling to new states and countries, and a renewed focus on efficiency amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Diving deep into the impacts COVID-19 on Flourish’s business and its customers bottom-line, Griffin explains how the company has had to make adjustments from lowering their burn rate to more remote implementations. Additionally, he discusses how the landscape of capital raising has shifted, and why the cannabis industry will weather the storm better than other impacted industries.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here. 

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