Short-Term Engagements,
Long-Term Customer Value.

Whether you are just starting out and looking to formulate best practices for effective product delivery or you need a second set of eyes to help you work through shortfalls, B&B Consultation is there for cannabis operators of all sizes to get your business operating as efficiently as possible.

B&B Consultation

Flourish + B&B Consultation

Having compliant internal operations, SOPs, and the ability to deliver on your sales commitments is not something you want to entrust to amateurs. B&B Consultation has been involved in the cannabis space from growers, license holders and compliance experts. You are working with experience.

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Industry Experience

 Shorten your learning curve getting you operational faster and avoiding costly mistakes.

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Realistic Forecasting

Align your business plan with production expectations, making sure you hit your business goals.

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Operations Assistance

From software to operational performance, we help ensure you get the most from Flourish.

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