Cannabis Manufacturing and Extraction Software for those who are serious. 

Consistently deliver high quality products, on time and profitable.

Flourish is built to handle the complicated processes of an extraction and manufacturing operation with a focus on quality and efficiency.

  • Capture cannabis and CBD extraction data to comply with GMP requirements and build the framework for rich analytic

    Document what machines and extraction methods you use when extracting biomass. Capture the time, temperature, and pressure for each run. Lot track component inventory for easy safety recalls. Flourish helps support Good Manufacturing Practices certification requirements.

  • Track components and costs at each step of the process using extraction runs and bills of materials

    Flourish allows you to track your costs of goods sold for products created in extraction and manufacturing. Accumulate costs of components to the finished goods when you use a bill of materials to create inventory. Report on all of this using our library of dashboards and reports.

  • Vertically integrate your operation for complete visibility of all products

    Flourish brings together data from all aspects of your operation (or even multiple operations in different states) and offers intuitive dashboards so you can keep track of all your products real-time. Moreover, it makes sure that data in all systems is always consistent and updated.

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