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Take complete control of every item in your growhouse and make data-driven decisions.



Flourish's cultivation management technology provides you with a central hub for managing information from all sources and data models for reporting and analysis. These features provide insights so you can be in complete control of your operation and make data-driven decisions.
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Manage and track your plants across grow stages and stay fully compliant without interacting with state systems

Flourish lets cultivators group or batch their plants based on their specific business needs and takes care of syncing plants with the state system behind the scenes.

Understand your plants better, and optimize growing conditions and water/nutrients cycles for each strain

Flourish not only keeps track of all your data but also analyses the data to help you find the most cost-effective and efficient conditions and water and nutrient cycles for each one of your strains. So get ready for lower costs and higher yields and become an expert grower! 

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Consolidate your lab results and facilitate sample management

Flourish captures properties like THC and CBD content either by scanning and inputting it into the lab module of the software directly or by integrating the API with your lab software. It automates processes like printing smart barcodes, assigning sample locations, and preparing samples to send to clients.

Smoothly plan and manage your purchasing process and score your suppliers

Flourish will manage everything from request for quotes to conversations and notes and integration of orders into your price and inventory list. The tool will also notify you about what vendors are consistently late, or have bad fill so you can always pick the best for your operation.

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