Flourish & SparkPlug Integration

Boost Sell-Through and Engagement with Incentives.

SparkPlug is the world's first gamification system that allows brands and retailers to directly reward retail employees for the organic influence they have over consumer purchasing by turning employees into in-store influencers.

SparkPlug seamlessly connects with the retailers’ POS system, allowing brands & retailers to directly track their sales trends and manage sales targets, while rewarding employees for learning and selling more of their product.

SparkPlug simplifies the promotion and reporting process, while simultaneously increasing revenue, driving employee retention, and increasing customer loyalty.


SparkPlug is the first sales incentive software purpose-built for retailers and brands to engage frontline teams to hit sales goals while increasing employee engagement. SparkPlug has everything you need whether you're a retailer, brand, or restaurant. Impact multiple business metrics with the power of frontline incentives. See the exact ROI of incentives with SparkPlug's robust reporting dashboards and reports. Our customers see an average 35% increase in sales lift and 30% reduction in employee turnover.

SparkPlug integrates with Flourish via a secure, read-only integration to sync sales data in real-time and automate incentive tracking for employees and campaign visibility for vendors sponsoring incentives. SparkPlug eliminates the administrative overhead (emails, phone calls, meetings) associated with planning and executing incentive campaigns.

Easy Setup

SparkPlug easily connects with the retailers’ POS to sync sales data. No manual input required.


SparkPlug automates the incentive process, reducing time spent managing performance and fulfilling rewards.

Easy Management

SparkPlug’s easy to use dashboard allows partners to track sales, trends, and employee performance.


SparkPlug is the facilitator that allows frontline employees to earn extra income.

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